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Openness by Astronaut Ape

This release is a tremendous addition to Astronaut Ape’s musical collection. Right from the opening track ‘Openness’ it grabs you and transports you with lush pads and ethereal voices and excellent synth lines to another realm.
The best track is either Openness or Inner Light. Both contain ethereal voices and amazing synth lines with ‘Inner Light’ also giving you a sense of hope for the future. The 3rd track contains weird basslines and rhythmical synths giving a real good brew of sonic pleasure.
The 4th track ‘Consequences’ is quite dark and contains amazing synth patches making another hit for Astronaut Ape. The weakest track is probably the 6th track, Acceptance.
Overall, this is an astounding piece of work from a master at the best of his Genre.
Rating 8 out of 10.

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