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The Architecture of Time by Remote Vision

This 6 track Album is much in the vein to Tangerine Dream in the 70s.
From the first rhythmical synths to the ethereal pads this album has the potential to take you on a journey to the Otherworldly Realms that exist in the multi-verse.

One of the best track on the album is The Architect, which has pads to dream off and synth lines to take you to that spot just out of reality.

The synth lines in all the tracks are very similar but none the less they are still good. The final track on the album, The Architecture of Time, is similar to Tangerine Dream at their best and is by far the best track on the album and also the longest at 18 minutes.

Overall this is an average album with one or two good tracks especially The Architecture of Time.
Rating 5 out of 10.

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